The Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology is a respected polytechnic school training engineers for various industrial facilities in the region and abroad. With truly distinguished teaching quality and superb facilities the university ensures students’ academic excellence of international level. We graduate specialists in a wide range of academic pathways – from technology, economy and management to social work, humanities and natural sciences.

The main mission of the ISUCT is training of modern specialists, engineering professionals, scientists and well-prepared economists. The goal is to provide a good career and professional prospects in the labor market.

The main activities are education, research, carrying out public events.

The ISUCT also carries out international cooperation in the field of science and education. The ISUCT strive to observe the general world trends in the development of science and education. There are globalization of education, creation of international research teams, mobility of students, professors and staff. In the international cooperation the ISUCT also strive to a high level of knowledge, education using research, creation of professional engineering schools, the education of students on the basis of universal human values, involvement of different institutions in solving the problems of education.

ISUCT provides a wide range of training programs:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees;
  • PhD’s and DSc’s degrees;
  • Various internships and career enhancement programs;
  • Specialist retraining courses;
  • Russian as a foreign language;
  • Access courses;
  • Network cooperation for academic mobility;
  • Extra courses (electives).