International Students Training

International students have been studying at the University since 1959 according to either state intergovernment agreements or to direct ones.

More than 200 graduates from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeastern Asia and Africa have earned Engineer's and Master's degrees at ISUCT; 11 of them took post-graduate courses and defended their dissertations. They work now in more than 50 countries of the world, among them are managers at enterprises and large companies, directors of research and educational centers.

The Preparatory Department (with a course of the Russian language) was establish to train students from abroad either for ISUCT or for other higher schools of Russia.

Verkhne-Volzhsky Regional Center of Academic Mobility invites for 1,3,6 months and one-year Russian courses. Training is carried out by skilled teachers of Russian chairs of Ivanovo State Chemical-Technological University, State Textile Academy and Ivanovo State University.