International Collaboration

ISUCT is developing broad international contacts with universities and educational institutions of many countries of the world including Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, The USA, China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan and others.

Recently our scientists have become the winners of various competitions and now they are carrying out joint research in the frameworks of a number of international programmes and projects both of scientific and educational nature.

According to the Collaboration Agreements students, post-graduates, and faculty members exchange is being carried out and textbooks with foreign co-authors are published. The main results of the joint researches are usually discussed at the international scientific conferences both in Russia and abroad.

Training leading to postgraduate and doctorate degrees is also accomplished.

The best students of the University prepare their diploma projects and take their practical course abroad.

Many times the students and post-graduate students from ISUCT were the winners of the all-Russian competition and obtained grants and special awards.