Fundamental Training and Humanities

University status presupposes profound fundumental training of its graduates: through core studies and electives and by means of inner logical interelationship of various disciplines.

Recently radical changes in education process contents have taken place:programmes aimed towards broad knowledge in natural science, economics, humanities and foreign languages have been introduced. It enables to train top quality specialists and to orient them towards systematic analysis of modern society complex problems and of environmental protection ones.

Courses in humanities and social-economic disciplines, offered for the students according to the State Curriculum Standards, are designed to train specialists both for theoretical and applied activities, upbringing and teaching processes being realized within indivisible cultural values of the mankind with their natural science and humanitarian components.

Along with core subjects (History, Political Science, Law, Culture Studies, Sociology, etc) the Humanities Faculty offers a number of electives : "Psychology of Communication", "From the History of Russian Painting", "Literature and Cinema", Shakespeare in Cinema, "Rhetoric", "Fundamentals of Business and Management", "Ethics" and others.

Professional programme "Interpretor/translator in business communication" provides the students with profound linguistic knowledge.